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The choice of this theme was positively welcomed by the members of IFDA– INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF DASEINSANALYSIS.

Talking about the Daseinsanalytic practice proves to be essential.

Many are Heidegger's readers who nowadays are engaged in a therapeutic practice based on Daseinsanalysis.

Binswanger and Boss are the initiators of this movement, although with different purposes: Binswanger trying to understand psychiatric cases phenomenologically and existentially and Boss, also phenomenologically and existentially, oriented towards Psychotherapy.

Medard Boss, with the collaboration of Martin Heidegger in the seminars of Zollikon, establishes the basis of Daseinsanalysis as a psychotherapy practice.

The International Forum of Daseinsanalysis intends to promote the reunion of Daseinsanalysts from different parts of the world, in a dialogue that can go through with the task started in Switzerland in the first half of the past century.

The contemporary world, so well described in its groundings by Heidegger, lacks a comprehension mode of the human beyond traditional theories.

The X International Forum of Daseinsanalysis is an invitation to this debate, to this construction of a broader description of the Daseinsanalytic thinking legacy.


Confirmed Lecturers

  • Dr. Ado Huygens - CEBDA - Centre et Ecole Belge de Daseinsanalyse - Belgium ; President of IFDA
  • Prof. João Augusto Pompeia - ABD - Associação Brasileira de Daseinsanalyse - Brazil
  • Dr. Sylvain Dal - CEBDA - Centre et Ecole Belge de Daseinsanalyse - Belgium
  • Mag. Roland Strobl - President of ÖDAI - Österreichisches Daseinsanalytisches für Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik und Grundlagenforschung- Austria
  • Dr Hans-Dieter Foerster - ÖDAI - Österreichisches Daseinsanalytisches für Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik und Grundlagenforschung - Austria
  • Dr. Irene Borges Duarte - Universidade de Évora - Portugal
  • Dr. Lucie Vacková - Czech Daseinsanalytic Association - Czech Republic
  • Prof. Miles Groth - Department of Psychology Wagner College - New York, USA
  • Anthony Stadlen - Independent Daseinsanalyst - London UK
  • Thanasis Georgas - President of HSDA - Helenic Society for Daseinsanalysis - Greece
  • Dr Josef Jenewein - President of SFDP- Schweizerischer Fachverband für Daseinsanalytische Psychotherapie- Swiss ; Vice-President of IFDA
  • Dr.med Uta Jaenicke - Gesellschaft für hermeneutische Antropologie und Daseinsanalyse, Switzerland

Lectures delivered in Portuguese will be translated into English simultaneously.


Carlos Eduardo Freire
Ivete Hashimoto
Maria de Fátima de Almeida Prado
Marina Genova


Date: 2 and 3 November 2018.

Radisson Paulista (former Golden Tulip Paulista)

Alameda Santos, 85
São Paulo - SP - Jardins
CEP: 01419-000

Phone: (11) 3531-4800



€ 150,00

The fee includes 2 (two) coffee breaks per day and lunch for 2 (two) days at the hotel restaurant.

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